Rehle Higham, Artist


  My interest in painting stems from
my love for the beautiful world in
which we live.

As a painter of many subjects,
I find myself often excited about
what I will be painting next. 

Then I may try to decide if it
would be best stated in oil or
watercolor, which are the two mediums I mostly use. 

I enjoy painting local scenes that I am familiar with,
but I'm especially fond of the Swan Valley area
where my husband was raised.  The Valley with
its picturesque mountains, streams and subject
matter gives my plenty of inspiration.

I like to challenge myself by painting out of my
comfort zone, so when I travel, I'm looking at
new scenery and and paintable subjects that will remind
me of where I've been and the good memories I have
of those special places.  Sometimes I do a watercolor
journal of my travels.  where ever I go I do what all
artists do, I analyze value, color and composition
that would work in a piece of art.

Plein air, landscapes, still lifes, portraits, studio
painting and whatever, are equally enjoyed. 

I now have a art studio in my backyard where
I can display my work and teach art classes.
Collecting original art from other artists and friends
has added much enjoyment in my homes.

My art is represented in galleries in Idaho,
Utah and Wyoming, as well as in private homes
throughout the word.

I am a signature member of the Idaho Watercolor
Society, a member of the Idaho Falls Art Guild,
Plein Air Painters, Museum Painters and Bonneville
Art Association.  I have participated in many
local and regional shows, and was in the Top 100
in Paint America in 2006 (miniature) and 2007.

I was influenced in my youth by Utah artist, LeConte
Stewart.  May family was a great supporter of his
talent and his paintings hung in many of our homes.
I was later privileged to take classes from him at
the University of Utah.

I have done independent study with many
professional artists throughout my life, and I
have learned from all of them.  I strive to make
my paintings loose and painterly and not

I enjoy the accomplishments of others as well
as my own.  I look and learn, and visit galleries
and art shows whenever I am able.   I love my
artist friends as we have a lot in common.
Most fun to be called an artist!


 I consider myself an Idaho artist but have been strongly
influenced by the surrounding areas of Utah and Wyoming.

My formal art training began at the University of
Utah and has since been enriched by many
professional artits from the United States and abroad. 
I strive to embrace new ideas that will improve my
artistic expression. 

Various workshops from accomplished artists
have helped me grow in knowledge and ability.
Although it is difficult to list all the artists that
have definitely been influential.  The techniques
Sergei Bongart and Ovanne Berberian, have been
significant in my journey as an artist.  Don Ricks,
Robert Moore, Conrad Schwiering, LeConte Stewart,
Stephen Quiller, Charles Ried and Kathryn Browning
are a few of the many who have also contributed to
my knowledge and ability.

I have consistently participated in art workshops
from a wide variety of renowned artists whenever
possible.  Painting consistently and entering
numerous art shows has helped me grow.  I
continue to show my art in many exhibits and
juried shows.  My paintings are found in private
collections throughout the world and are in
galleries in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Utah was my home for the first 10 years of
my life, and I still have strong family ties there.
Since then I have lived in Eastern Idaho where
I attended school and where my husband and
I raised our family in the small town of Shelley,
Idaho.  My family has always been supportive of
the time I spend on my art.

Experiences of traveling to other countries for
workshops and photos have stretched me in
finding new subjects to paint. 

Becoming an artist is a lifetime learning
progression.  Allthough one can never learn it
all, the joruney has been both enjoyable
and educational.  In addition to my own art,
I have gained a lot of enjoyment through
supporting other artists and collecting art
to view in my own home.  I am thankful for
the circumstances that have allowed me to
pursue and art career.


Contact:  Rehle Higham - 208-520-2590
Gallery Location:  
370 N State St, Shelley, ID 83274


(C) 2015 Rehle Higham, Shelley, ID